• Audio Recording with your Intercom Server
    32 recording channels per server – Easy to use – No extra equipment
    32 recording channels per server – Easy to use – No extra equipment
  • The new IP-Intercom Server IS 300
    Concentrated eco-friendliness // Low power consumption // Evergreen Technology
    Concentrated eco-friendliness // Low power consumption // Evergreen Technology
  • The new IP-Intercom Server IS 300
    Concentrated reliability // vibration-proof // solid-state design
    Concentrated reliability // vibration-proof // solid-state design
  • School is supposed to be a safe place
    Intercom 2.0 systems for schools
    Intercom 2.0 systems for schools
  • Commend Worldtrip
    Intercom Solutions across the globe
    Intercom Solutions across the globe
IP Loudspeakers with valuable additional features

The networkable IP loudspeakers of Series AFLS bring together communication and public address in a single device.


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What does Commend do?

Over the years, Commend technology has advanced to a point where it is not always easy to briefly explain the key concepts, features and benefits.


We come up with a 2-minute explainer video that is designed to illustrate the concept of our communication system in a way that's both educational and entertaining.



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The new Commend Product Catalogue is here!

The brand new Commend Catalogue introduces lots of exciting new products and new ideas that will make you love to communicate just a little bit more.



Intelligent Volume Control

With Intelligent Volume Control (IVC), our passionate audio engineers have come up with something very special to raise the bar in terms of speech intelligibility in extremely noise environments from traffic tunnels to production halls.

Discover IVC

VirtuoSIS 4.0 extends the Intercom orchestra


Version 4.0 of VirtuoSIS®, the world's first 100% software-based Intercom Server,
now offers operators the ability to extend their Intercom orchestra with terminals
from the wide range of SIP stations
. Designed to ensure system-wide harmonious
interplay without getting out of tune – quickly, and most importantly,
with professional finesse and virtuosity.


Those who want more from their "orchestra" than just the basic tunes have the
option of upgrading to the master class with the virtuoso capabilities of the
Commend SIP Series stations. Now, that sounds more like it, doesn't it?



CONDUCTOR – The new Control Desk Solution by Commend

The CONDUCTOR from Commend is the key to professional Central Intercom Management.




  • Design symphony in three movements: Stylish, High-Quality, Innovative
  • Setting the tone for intuitive ease of use and mobility at the control desk
  • Intercom 2.0 in perfect unison: Full modularity and perfect integration of external systems

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Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)

Making an Intercom call can be life saving. Taking the call is crucial as well. But sometimes keeping the call can be important as well – e.g. for reviewing emergency calls.

  • Evidential quality audio recording for use in Interview Rooms such as Airport Customs and Immigration, in Prisons and in Police Stations.
  • Emergency Situation Audio recording for Lifts, Car Parks and other vulnerable areas.
  • Quality assurance audio recording at call centres
  • Business audio recording of conversation and conferences in corporate environments and public institutions

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Intercom Server Virtualization

We proudly announce the next addition to our Intercom 2.0 range: the world’s first fully software-based Intercom Server, designed specifically to embrace the flexible, dynamic sphere of virtual IT environments.


The benefits are clear:

  • Ultra-high system availability
  • Lower system costs (TCO)
  • Easily installed / Easily maintained / Easily upgraded

Which Intercom Server model suits you best?

IS 300 – Concentrated power

Small is beautiful – and powerful!

Here some key features of the IS 300

  • Up to 64 fully-featured IP-based subscribers
  • Stylish, space saving and vibration-resistant solid state design (complies with IEC 61373 standard)
  • Low operating costs, low heat generation, thanks to Green IT design with minimal power consumption
    (2.2 Watts)
  • Maintenance and cost saving technology: no batteries, no ventilators, no moving parts

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Safety through communication

In a school environment, unusual situations may develop quickly at any time. Even normal day-to-day school life has enough surprising and challenging situations in store. Commend's value adding protection and security systems with Intercom 2.0 for schools can help to achieve significant improvement in everyday communication and cases of emergency that demand instant attention.

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Around the world. Around the clock.

From car parks to hospitals, from steelworks to subways: Commend Intercom solutions have so far delivered security and communications to over 30,000 places worldwide. Use the globe to browse the world, taking a look at interesting solutions and sites we have selected for you.

Enjoy the World Trip

Commend Products

Requirements met with perfection.

Commend provides communication with a system: solutions designed and manufactured with people and the environment in mind. The Commend product portfolio covers every Intercom need, from simple point-to-point intercom systems to complex integrated solutions. Commend's building-block design concept ensures that all of the various security systems like CCTV, Access Control, Mobile Radio etc. combine to form a single, easy-to-use-and-manage platform.

Intercom Stations for various applications

Intercom Terminals

Commend manufactures Intercom terminals for every application and environment – including, for example, stations with anti-bacteri surfaces for hospitals, vandal-resistant help points for subway stations, and vigorously robust units with explosion-proof certification for the petrochemical industry.

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Control Desk Systems for every requirement

Intercom Control Systems

"Everything under control!" Commend Control Desk solutions powered by ComWIN visualisation software demonstrate that it is possible to manage even complex Intercom, video and networked control functions easily with a well-designed, easy-to-operate user interface.

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Hardware and Software Intercom Server

Intercom Server

Commend Intercom Servers are the brains of it all. They could be described as a multi-talented interfacing geniuses. In addition to subscriber cards for intercom stations, they support a wide spectrum of interface cards including but not limited to voice messaging, announcements and recording, alarm monitoring and notification, external control tasks and countless integration capabilities to other third party systems

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Speech. Images. Data.

Information that enhances security.

This includes the networking of visual and audible information. Commend has developed a digital system platform that meets the highest security and communication requirements – with a uniform operating interface, interactive, modular and adaptive.

  • News // 24.08.2015
    Commend system on board icebreaker “Oden” still going strong after decades of service
  • IP Loudspeakers
    News // 03.08.2015
    IP Loudspeakers with valuable additional features
  • News // 15.07.2015
    Award-worthy innovation: Commend’s intelligent “Web2Print” marketing tool nominated for prestigious business award